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The Blog...

I Heart Shabby Chic is primarily an inspiration blog, pulling together and selecting the best images from around the internet for inspiration and ideas. Unless otherwise stated we don't own the images we post and make no claim to. They are here specifically for people to view, admire and help to inspire their personal shabby chic projects or gift buying. We always use bookmarking sites as the source of our images = please contact us if you would like a link or removal.

If you would like to send products for review or would like to advertise or be featured please see our advertising page. Thank you! x

The Founder...

My name is Heather Jane Tanner M.A. and I am the founder and sole writer / curator of I Heart Shabby Chic. What started out as a love of a good room has escalated into a large community of people with a passion for homes and decor. Although I Heart Shabby Chic no longer operates on a daily basis (it ran for nine years) it still brings in thousands of unique visitors every week and has an active social media community. There curated content here is left for you to enjoy. If you want to follow our current passions please use the links below! Thank you!

What We Do Now...

I write and teach intuitive development to those wishing to improve their own lifestyle.