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Shabby Chic Happy Mail Packets from I Heart Homes

Got to say I love the idea of receiving something in the "lucky dip" style through the post these days. This gorgeous and generous selection of Shabby Chic products and accessories just flew in from I Heart Homes and I am in love! What a fabulous idea, (more and more companies are cottoning on to the major love you feel when you receive something SUPRISE! in the post), and I for one, champion it 100%. This happy mail from I Heart Homes will leave you super happy! Take a look at what came in our box...

Major goodies to lift your mood...

Cherry Blossom Wax Melts do smell as good as they sound...

Rosebud earrings, bunting, gift tags, hook hangars, stickers, notepads, bunting, straws... an amazingly cute selection of products - thanks I Heart Homes



  1. Thank you so much for reviewing for us- very pleased that you love our items, and that they are being so well received. We are planning lots and lots behind the scenes for the months to follow- very exciting times ahead! Thank you, Katie xx