Shabby Chic Valentines Day Gift Ideas 2012

Time for a round up of some shabby chic inspired Valentine's Day gifts and where to get them. Here are my selections from some of my favourite stores! The above are glass love tokens from Daisy Park.

Wooden heart frame or mirror from Daisy Park

Elephant art print from Black Baroque

Necklace Red Rose Flower from Woodland Belle

Eco all natural soy heart crayons from Earth Grown Crayons

Hand stamped vintage lovers sppons from Jessica N Designs

Paper Cone Wreath Kit from The Olde Salt Box

Valentine Packaging Kit by Somerset Market

Stay tuned for my posts on Valentine cards for this year and Valentine gift tags, all selected by me!



  1. Hi! Your blog is so cute! I loved all he Valentine ideas! Traci

  2. Thanks Shabbygal, it's an ever changing world this blog, glad you like it! x

  3. Like the gift idea and all the info..i might need it when design it for Gift Card envelopes..thanks you share it with us.

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