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Shabby Chic Rooms I Love 2012

Rooms! Of shabby chic and vintage white, distressed decor variety! Some of my favourites from the past few days and here's why! The above photo reminds me of my Gran's kitchen. She had a pantry and everything, old wooden furniture, several standalone pieces.

The use of a blackboard is under rated in terms of decor. 

Love this sheet music idea. Several trawls around junk shops can deliver the goods because no one really wants sheet music from days gone by. In my view they make great decor - especially for feature walls. Ditch the wallpaper and paste a full collage wall of vintage sheet music, it looks amazing!

Big windows, light and versatility!

Love the mirror and the shells in the fireplace!

This one is cluttered but strategically placed. I don't recommend clutter of any kind because it gets in the way of the feng shui!! However this is charming!

Not sure how much sleep you would get on this bed but I am absolutely adoring that window and floorboard combination!

The stove makes this one. My daughter's grandparents have a house in the spanish mountains with a corner fireplace and it's very cosy, (although it needs to be at 1500ft above sea level!)

Great table idea and use of the old window frame.

Roll top bath and open fireplace. Not something everyone gets these days although commonplace for some victorians!

Lots of white, distressed, painted wood doors and window shutters.

This cabinet is a fantastic focal piece!

Another shot of the popular kitchen with the pink fridge that I posted recently. A favourite with many it would seem!

Some kind of white vintage heaven!

These shelves are so cute with their scalloped edging!

Get me a georgian house with this conservatory. Now!

When I first laid eyes on this kitchen all I could see was the vintage style modern stove and fridge!

Only got one room? Studio apartment blues? It's not all gloom if you can make it look like this!

There's a tiny house in the fireplace. Enough said!

Flash of pink pastel florals against distressed white paint always wins me over.

French doors and birdhouses!!!!



  1. Beautiful Rooms! Love them all:)

  2. it's all so lovely. one of each, please ;)

  3. so stunning, love the pink and blue kitchen, don't know if my DH would though!! gorgeous!

  4. Hello
    The 6th picture down is a vignette from my shop Simply Posh, that was featured in Romantic Homes in 1998. I agree about the clutter, if it was a bedroom. Hard to believe that picture is going around again... ha. I happened to see it on pinterest.
    Thanks for appreciating it.

  5. Thanks everyone! Rebecca, your photo is great - once on the internet I think images live forever! Many people love it, thanks for creating it! xx

  6. I would love for you to come link this up at my linky party going on now...lots of shabby chic admirers there!


  7. I need a good shabby chic designer in Palm Beach County. Someone who has a good mind for restoration. Please help.

  8. How did I not know about you????
    You just pinned something from one of my boards - and that's how I found you -
    Very happily your newest follower - what over the top gorgeous images!
    Big hugs from Montreal