Shabby Chic Rustic Vintage 2012

2012 - brings new images to I Heart Shabby Chic and new inspirations. Here are some of the rustic and vintage style images I found over the holiday period. My image database is growing with new stuff, can't wait to post the finds!



  1. As usual beautiful!!

  2. The little bedroom window... a dream!
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks both of you, it feels great to be starting 2012 with some fab new comments x

  4. i m new to your blog, and i love it. i especially love the very first photo on rustic decor. My own living area is nothing but wood which is very, dark. The walls are all cypress, and wooden floors. Right now we have two big brown leather couches which, again---very dark. I can't go to fabric on furniture yet since i have pets and kids! But, any inspiration to lighten the room up is greatly needed. It's very hard to find images for this dilemma, when painted white walls are so "in". (which i love, but isn't an option for this room). Most wooden- wall images are more" country cabin with quilts" etc. Any more pictures with great ideas would be such a blessing.

  5. Hi Marilyn, thanks for joining the blog and glad you like it - we'll see what we can do about your dilemma! xx