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Shabby Chic - A Place to Dream 2012

We all need a creative and relaxing environment from which to work and play. I've been rounding up some great inspiration and found some fantastic space ideas for 2012! 

Particularly LOVE the above idea with the dresses at the window - using fashion as home decor!

Another favourite - just the kind of organisation I need in my own bedroom!



  1. Great post full of fabulous and totally inspiring ideas but picture #4 is so wonderful that it has caused me to become almost giddy with adoration!! Ha! Everything in it could be set up in my home right this minute and I would not change a thing! I love the glass cabinet, coffee table, ceramics and pottery and I believe it is the color that I am so attracted to though I have none of this color in my home. And the rug pulls everything in the room together. Amazing!