I Heart Shabby Chic - a little note on images

Good morning to you all. Here is a little bit more information on my image policy which has changed slightly in the last few days - please leave comments if you feel the need!

All my images are sourced from bookmark sites, given to me by store owners to use on the blog or taken by me. I will say which one each time.

I don't own these images unless stated and therefore it's possible that you have seen these images before. I try and minimise this so that content remains fresh for you at I Heart Shabby Chic. I have very creative seo searches set up on these bookmark sites and on google. I spend half an hour every day coming up with new and creative searches that will lead me to fresh images. Obviously there will be reblogs from my sources and I deliberately avoid anyone who is reposting images from my own source as it's twice as likely to be seen multiple times by my readers. Reposting from several new and different sources is also one of the keys to producing better images for my readers.

If you own the copyright on an image I have used and wish for it to be taken down please email and it shall be done asap. I am not here to lay claim to any works that are not my own. I own this blog, it's a vehicle for shabby chic friendly web traffic - the buzz around it comes from my selection of images and the marketing I have done over three years. I am not here to pass off images as my own work. If you need help to copyright an image on the web then the best deterrent so far in my experience is to add your own © watermark and original source info to the image.

In the history of this blog only one person has expressed slight consternation about my reposts so this is not a reply to critics, it's a response to you, to let you know that I am fully aware of the over saturation of shabby chic imagery on the internet and hopefully I can always provide you guys with something new! x x x

p.s. photo above source from Tumblr!!!!

p.p.s. I've just noticed one thing I do take offence to, and that's copying my posts, theme for theme, image for image, word for word! Might seem strange but I have found someone doing this! Please don't!!!



  1. Fabulous what you have written! I totally agree. I have a similar blog, but it is about weddings, I always link to the images but the compilation of ideas is created by me. Today I received an anonymous dmca complaint, the person could have asked me directly yet they felt the need to go straight to google. so sad.

  2. Thanks Mimi and sorry to hear you have had trouble. I take a lot of my own photos and do a lot of design work that gets bookmarked around the internet so I know what it's like to be the creator of original works that are re-posted. In most instances I benefit the most from the repost because people are usually linking and saying great things about the works. If someone tried to pass my work off as their own then I think there is a valid case for copyright infringement. Anyone who is familiar with bookmark sites will see how quickly an image becomes viral and we have vowed to use only viral images and the ones sent to us by stores who wish to feature. I do hope you get your issue sorted out and with a happy ending xxx

  3. Where can I purchase the beige/natural room bedspread from?

    I love it.

  4. I have seen many of these images from my facebook fans and finally took some time to read this wonderful blog! Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into it. Mary

  5. Where can I purchase the pink and green floral picture above the white bed in picture 4??

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