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I Heart Autumn Shabby Chic Decor

Let me guess, is your porch faded, white and wooden like the one in the photo above? Let's spruce up for Autumn by adding lots of terracotta, oranges, reds and browns. The colours of the season against distressed off white can update your decor...

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...well, not quite THAT season yet but a large, cosy and if at all possible, real fire will enhance the mood.

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This is a cute door, looks like one of my own painting projects - not quite finished!

Autumn garlands and wreaths make perfect, quick and easy ways to dress up your home.

Woven wicker wine bottles, whatever next?  And corks too, I love cork!



  1. Thanks for these photos. Autumn is my favourite season. I just love those russet tones. Judith x

  2. Sono bellissimi questi colori autunnali!!

  3. Thanks guys, it's been so blustery here that I thought we were going to bypass Autumn and end up straight into winter!! x