Halloween House Decor of The Shabby Kind 2011

Nothing better than dressing up your doorway on Halloween ready for those trick or treaters. Even if you are one of those prone to dismantling the doorbell on All Hallow's Eve!

A suitably spooky Halloween viginette, love the smokin' drinks, that must be the witch's special brew...

Love the wreaths and shabby chic shutters in this photo. Plus the contrast of black and white paints...

Got to be one of my favourite images from this year's crop of Halloween ideas so far. Loving those black and white frames!

Gorgeous silver Halloween styled mantle with mirror and candlesticks.

More Halloween gems coming soon!



  1. I adore the idea that halloween is coming!

  2. I just absolutely HEART the stair photo. Absolutely! x

  3. We started planning for Halloween last June, you can check out my story here: http://agnesattic.blogspot.com/2011/10/preparing-for-halloween.html

  4. We started planning for Halloween back in June, check out my story here: http://agnesattic.blogspot.com/2011/10/preparing-for-halloween.html

  5. Hi Agnes' Attic! That's early! Thanks for sharing x

  6. What did you use to make the bats stick to the outside of the house? Looks so cute!!!

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