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My other blogs...

Time for a little bit of info on my other blogs in case you find them interesting...

I have four main blogs at the moment and they are...

Journal of a Blog - just a baby but it's where I am sharing all of my blogging knowledge. I have so much to add but have only really covered the first few topics so far. I am asking all of my friends who individually ask me for blogging help to check out this blog first.

All For The Love of Vintage is a vintage inspiration blog mainly based around a certain kind of vintage photography so it's mainly photo inspiration like this blog. Another baby, but you can help it grow by joining in the fun!

Heather Jane Steeley is my personal blog and linked to my main website. I do personal rants, inspiration posts, lifestyle stuff and share some graphic design news here.

The Art Nouveau Blog is inspirational mainly photography centering on the Art Nouveau style and a little Art Deco.

Finally people are asking me what happened to my Alice Magazine project...

Alice was a little weblog and then in print too. At the moment I don't have the time to commit to a full-on graphical print magazine but the website may soon be returning. A case of time!

So there you go, a little something different for the weekend. Have a fab one whatever you are doing!