Just because!

Looking at the success of last year's Christmas stocking posts we've been on the prowl for some of the best of 2010 for your inspiration!

Heavily stuffed with decorations?

Cute french blue?

Frilly pink and white lace?

Pink and dainty?

Taste of the country? 

More of our shabby chic christmas stocking finds and more - coming soon!

Lets break from the Halloween theme for just a second to take a look at this fab canvas bag with button badges from Cath Kidston's new season range. Perfect Christmas present - we are hoping for one of these under the tree for definate. Not being a fan of the over chintz it seems a little strange to choose this brand but we think that this bag has the perfect blend of chic, military and vintage influences.

Loving the run-up to Halloween - here are some more of our favourite inspiring spooky and shabby images for your own home decorating ideas. 

Be inventive and more than a little daring - make the best use of organic materials.

Do use frayed materials and let your imagination run wild.

More than enough inspiration can be found around the dining table and the Halloween dinner party!

Contemporary or vintage...

With a victorian or gothic feel.

Dress up those pumpkins or have a contest to design the best dressed!

Make mini Halloween scapes...

Invest in furniture especially for the season!!

Mix metals and woods, orange and brown.

Distressed old haunted houses mainly in classy black and white - enjoy!

Here are some more of our favourite Halloween decorating ideas - this time for the exterior of your home.

Adventures in the graveyard...

 Decorations on the stairways...

Plenty of accessories...

Quite a lot of lanterns...

But not so many that your whole house looks like it's in flames!!!
Happy October! It's time to decorate for Halloween - here are some of the better ideas we have found on our travels - more posts coming soon!

We love the country simplicity of using mainly organic materials to complement natural wood furniture.

Highlight the entrance to your home with a pumpkin runway!

Furnish an outside dining space with Halloween adornments.

Or an interior dining space with homemade decorations.

Get creative with the natural and obvious emblems of Halloween.

Paint your pumpkins - the fireplace is a great feature to dress up at party time.
And finally, it's not just faces that can be carved to create a "glowing" effect!
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