Halloween is just around the corner and before we start to post our 2010 Christmas ideas here are some fantastic Halloween styled shabby chic items from Sparrow Primitives for your perusal.

Unusual! Check out the rest of the Halloween items at Sparrow Primitives - the family of cats are also pretty spooky!
Just discovered a new online shop called Vintage Pink. Little worried by anyone using a union jack in their logo (remember the terrible things the British Empire did!,and yes I am British before you ask), however they are selling some cutesy little shabby chic things that we think you will like such as....

Our beloved shabby and distressed furniture style is making waves in the design world at the moment - currently teetering on the realms of mass-production almost! Don't worry, the trend will be short-lived and we'll all have unique design styles again. Until then, some of our favourite distressed pieces from the internet - enjoy.

Several fine french antiques from around the internet. Including original french shutters and doors, wood panels, cabinets, commodes, metal work and stoves.

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