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Halloween Decorating Ideas by I Heart Shabby Chic

Happy October! It's time to decorate for Halloween - here are some of the better ideas we have found on our travels - more posts coming soon!

We love the country simplicity of using mainly organic materials to complement natural wood furniture.

Highlight the entrance to your home with a pumpkin runway!

Furnish an outside dining space with Halloween adornments.

Or an interior dining space with homemade decorations.

Get creative with the natural and obvious emblems of Halloween.

Paint your pumpkins - the fireplace is a great feature to dress up at party time.
And finally, it's not just faces that can be carved to create a "glowing" effect!



  1. Love your blog! In the 4th photo of "interior dining space with homemade decorations and framed haunted house poster," any chance you know what the streamers on ceiling are made of?

  2. Thank you! Well, that's a really good question, I unfortunately have no idea. Anyone else? Looks like feathered paper to me!! xx

  3. to me, it appears to be distressed or weathered feather boa's (which can easily be achieved using a new boa) perhaps or hand made. If they used dye on white boas and soaked them after many times, this could be how they did it? A larger picture would be easier to tell.