My favourite shop along the school run is Antiquites Francaises in Jesmond.

They have been dealing in french antiques since 1997 and their little shop is nestled into the side of Antiques Village.

All the shops in Antiques Village are worth a look but this one is the most well presented and has the best stuff in my opinion!

Just come across an etsy seller Vintage Chic Furniture who has brought out this line of handmade stockings in time for Christmas.

What I really like about them is the elongated pixie toes, very unique!

To view: Shabby Chic Christmas Stocking

This cutesy little ring is just one of many items offered by Painted White

Painted White is one of my favourite inspirations - as the name suggests the store has a penchant for my favourite colour. I wish I could paint everything in my house the perfect shade of white. Except that it might only last five minutes with grubby six year old handprints on the loose!

Morning Dew

Here is a screen grab of Alice Magazine's latest etsy treasury based on Marie Antoinette themed items.

This treasury will expire on Wednesday at about 9am so if you want to view it do it quick!

Thanks to all who have left some great comments so far.

Marie Antoinette Treasury

Wow look at this - a french cabinet in silver - part of the silver collection from The Lavender Barn.

Part of me likes the idea of silver furniture but I think after two or three pieces that would be quite enough of that.

If this silver furniture thing really floats your boat though you can find A LOT of it at The Lavender Barn

You know me, I can't resist anything related to Marie Antoinette - these lip balms come in all different shapes, sizes and flavours and are made by one of my favourite Etsy sellers - Vintage Bella.

Look up The Queen's Patisserie Collection or follow the link below:

Marie Antoinette Lip Balms by Vintage Bella on Etsy

This selection of french antique paperback books comes from a new shabby french shop I have found called French Blue & Co.

It's run by two sisters who pick up treasures on their travels to flea markets in Paris and markets in America.

View the books here

If like me you love the turn of the century Paris style furniture then you will also be hankering after this french clothes rail from Melody Maison.

It comes in black or white - the white does not seem as impressive as the black somehow although it certainly will tie in with all the other white stuff I have around the house!

LOVE this so much though. Really thinking of trading in my old wardrobe in favour of one of these.

You can view this Oranate Clothes Rail here

The daily school run takes me past this place - Wooly Blue - on Brentwood Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle.

As well as featuring all the usual shabby chic styled stuff, Wooly Blue always manages to design a beautiful and seasonal window display. The current Christmas display is cheery and I really should have taken a photo of it this morning!! Next time...

Until then you can find out more here: Wooly Blue

I just found the perfect shabby chic poster - Destination Paris.

Using all the usual shabby chic and scrapbook elements including stamps and postcards. All it needs now is a couple of shiny buttons!

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