Looking for a Shabby Chic Christmas Garland?
This Ivy Garland looks real even though it's not!
Ivy Garland by Useful & Beautiful.

Support crafts this winter with homemade items or hand altered gifts from Etsy or Ebay.

Go upmarket with this wreath from Gisela Graham.
Gisela Graham

Do the traditional Wood & Gingham Garland over at

Or plump for a Lavender wreath from

Ah, cream and wood. Pails and jelly moulds. Jars and jugs.

Looks just the picture of organisation.

This little place is The Shabby Chic Shop - based near my own home town in Lancaster.

They specialise in bespoke vintage chandeliers and stock Cath Kidston ( personally I am not a fan of Cath Kidston, but there are plenty of french style items instead).

Pay them a visit at The Shabby Chic Shop

Forget Beatrix Potter - when in Hawkshead seek out Poppi Red.

They do great tea and cakes as well as some fantastic gifts and clothes.

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I was writing an increasing amount of posts on my personal blog about my love of Shabby Chic and driving everyone insane thus "I Heart Shabby Chic" was born! If you want to know more about the topics on this blog please use the labels in the sidebar on the right.

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